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Bible games, fun for family and friends.

How to Play Link-It

An updated video to showcase the new card design.

Link-It - the Bible Card Game

The Deck

Link it the bible card game pamela's work family fun

The deck is made of 100 cards. There are 25 People, Places, Things and Intangibles. Cards are Bridge sized, slightly taller and thinner than regular playing cards. Printed by The Game Crafter. You'll enjoy playing this bible card game as part of your family worship activities.

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link it the bible card game  family fun

Various People in the bible.


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Names of various places in the bible. Cities, bodies of water, mountains, gardens and Lands/Countries. If you don't know where the place is or what happened there, no problem! Open your bible and look it up. It's not cheating to use your bible when playing these christian games.


Things, link it bible card game, JW family worship night ideas, fish, sheep, Noah's Ark Cow Memorial

These cards have pictures. They can be used as the literal picture on the card or as a symbol for something related.  (Ex. Sheep card can mean a sheep, a flock of sheep, a humble follower or wool.)


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These are concepts, emotions or ideas.

The SuperChain

Love joy peace faith kindness, goodness, mildness, long suffering , self-control, link it bible game

Play all nine in a chain and you win the hand. No need to discard.