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How to Play Race for Life the bible board game

What can you expect when you purchase a Race for Life board game? Watch and find out.

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"Encouragement in game form" - L. Carpenter

Up-building Family Game Night

Spend some time exchanging encouragement and building up your family and friends while singing, laughing, sharing your thoughts and quoting bible verses as you advance from baptism to eternal life.

Be sure to read all the instructions before you begin to play. 

You will need:

  • A copy of God’s word the bible. Some of the answers are not on the card.  Only a reference scripture may be on the card.
  • Device that can play the music for the song. (If you don’t want to sing acapella.)
  • Something to draw on and something to draw with.  

Using your bible is NOT cheating. If you need to look something up in the bible it’s allowed. Using the songbook is also acceptable, however,  you are encouraged to try to sing from memory.  Should you decide you need more songs there is an expansion pack for the purple cards available as well.

Buy Race for Life today. It might turn out to be among the best board games you own.

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