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The Patriarchs Deck


Currently Beta Testing

The Patriarchs Deck is a 52 card deck that is currently in beta test phase. It's a versitile deck that can be used to play a variety of different games from group play to solitaire. The card design and game rules are being tweeked to minimize confusion. I look forward to releasing this deck once it's been thoroughly tested. 

The Patriarchs Deck - Deck introduction

A brief video for my beta testers to introduce the deck. More videos on how to play the other games are on the way. Editing is more time consuming than I realized. In the meantime the written instructions can be found below.

Two by Two tutorial

A brief video for my beta testers explaining the rules to the beginner game Two by Two . Kids will love this one. It's like Concentration but with a wife of Lot twist.

Beginner Games

Two by Two 2 or more players

Lot's daughters bible card game pamelas work the patriachs deck

Goal: Find the most matched pairs.

Game Play: First remove Lot’s 2 daughters from the deck. Then lay the cards out face down in a grid of 5 by 10. The youngest player gets to go first. They flip over two cards. If both cards are in the same family it’s a match. (Remember, family member’s cards will look alike except for the frame in the middle and the corner of the card.) They keep the cards and get to go again. If the cards are not related, they flip them back over and it’s the next persons turn. 

The Wife of Lot – If you flip this card and the other card flipped is not Lot you must leave her face up where she is and pick up all the remaining cards, shuffle them and lay them back out in a grid around her. She will remain face up until Lot can be matched with her.

Keep on the Watch- 2 or 4 players



Goal: Be the first to play all your cards on a pile.

Game Play:  Deal all cards to players. Player should have 26 or 13 cards (2 or 4 players).

Players are allowed up to 5 cards in their hand at a time the rest of their cards must be in a pile/stack in front of them. At start of play each player will place one card on the table in the middle of the play area. If there are 2 players there should be 2 stacks. If there are 4 players there should be 4 stacks.

Once the first card is played everyone plays at the same time. The cards can be played as follows.

You can play the Patriarch on a Wife or Son, the Wife on a Patriarch or daughter, the daughter on a wife or son and the son on a daughter or Patriarch. See picture for clarity. No stacking. Cards must be played one at a time.