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Link-It the Oringinal

Link it bible card game, JW family worship night game, 2 player card game, by Pamela's Work

 The card game that started it all. A 100 card deck. A game to test your bible knowledge and your imagination. Use the cards you are dealt to create chains of cards linked in some form or fashion. But beware, if your link is too weak your fellow players may decide to break it. 

Link-It Women edition

Link It Women, bible card game, Jehovah's Witness family worship night game, Pamela's Work card game

 A smaller 52 card deck. Can be used by itself with same rules as the original or you can combine the two decks and play as one mega deck. 

Race for Life board game

Race for Life board game, bible board game, JW family worship night game, family board game,

 A board game for lovers of God's word the bible. Advance from Baptism to Eternal Life. Along the way quote some scripture, learn about bible characters, play a little charades, sing some songs and be surprised. Enjoy the journey. 

Bible Games in the Works

The Patriarchs Deck

The Patriarchs Deck card game, Pamela's Work, bible card game, family worship night game,  4 player

The versatile 52 card deck that can be used to play several different games. Get to know the 13 Patriarchs, Wives, Sons and Daughters in the deck as you play.  Will be available in English, Tagalog and Spanish. Eventually. 

Currently in beta testing phase.

Link-It the Original

www.pamelaswork.com, Pamela's Work, link-it, link it bible card game family worship night, JW family

Tagalog and Spanish versions are in the works.

Link-It Women's Edition

Bible card game, Link it women edition, 2 player card game, 4 player card game, family fun,  JW game

Tagalog and Spanish versions are in the works.

About Us

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 This company is run by my very talented little sister Meshia. Creativity runs in the family. I asked her to make me a Ladybug Wreath and was thoroughly impressed with the result.  I smile every time I walk up to my door.  If you’re looking for a Seasonal Wreath or a wreath that expresses your true love for your team, you need to check out this Etsy shop.  

Pamela Miller NW AR, Pamela's Work owner, Jehovah's Witness bible card games, RFL bible board game

The Owner

From time to time I get ideas for bible games. So far I've come up with 4 card games and a board games. Two of the card games are still in development. The two games currently available in English will eventually be available in Filipino/Tagalog and Spanish. So stay tuned.

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Fayetteville, AR